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At Corticorp, our goal is to provide the most effective, efficient and affordable IT solutions to meet the fluid needs of today's forward-looking businesses.
We offer solutions for a wide variety of deployments: web-based, mobile and desktop.
Corticorp offers development expertise in technologies including HTML5, Java, Javascript, CSS, iPhone/iPad, HTML, Mirco-Services, Web-APIs, Cloud, Android, ETL, SharePoint and more.

One of our satisfied customers:

     "The project management database Corticorp designed for me has been a life-saver. With over 300 requests processed a year, I needed a way of tracking the status of each, and with just a few clicks of the mouse I can do this. It even automatically creates the project folder on my drive and in outlook for me. And when a client returns, I can quickly access what past projects we've done for them."
Tracy S,

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